March 26, 2006

Dear USA friends,

I confirm the extreme state of danger of the current Italian situation.
Your visit here could be very dangerous – for political reasons the reds are trying to use riots to turn democracy into a communist form of government.
Furthermore, the incoming terrorist attacks makes Italian situation critical.
Visit Italy only if forced (for example, by strong business reasons or war photojournalism).

Since riots could probably occur even after this 9 april, this alert will be valid until September 2006.

In this summer, my suggestion for you is to visit the notoriously safe American cities, just like Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baghdad.
Be free to walk there in absolute safety and without any chance of troubles.
If you like, you could try to find there the reasons for which the USA are the democratic nation with the highest percentage of crimes and with the world highest number of people kept in jail.
In doing this, please pay a little attention.



  1. Bellissimo!

  2. wall fountain plans-rqho: 2006-03-26

  3. thank you very much! I’ll pay attention…

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